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Many standard applications now have flags to run multithreaded. Threaded applications can use multiple cores on a node, but each multithreaded process/job requires access to the same physical memory on the node and it is therefore limited to run on a single node (i.e. shared memory). The most common type of multithread application uses the OpenMP application programming interface

To submit a job that uses multiple cores, you must specify the number of job cores you want to use with the sbatch flag -c Ncores. The maximum number of cores that can be requested with this approach is 20 


Code Block
$ sbatch -n 10 -c 4 -p mpi -t 3-00:00:00 --wrap="ulimit -l unlimited; mpirun -np 10 your_mpi+openmpi_application"



Users with more than one Lab association (multiple Slurm account associations) will need to either replace mpirun -n with srun -A account_name -n or set the shell variable SBATCH_ACCOUNT to the desired account_name, for example export SBATCH_ACCOUNT=account_name when using a bash shell.

To see your Lab associations you can use the command sshare -U -u $USER