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We are gradually transitioning the O2 Storage filesystems to new hardware based on VAST technology.

VAST storage systems perform authentication against a cached database that, at this time, is updated hourly.

If your HMS account becomes locked, regardless of the reason causing the locking, any process, including batch jobs you are running on O2, will be denied access to your data and likely fail.

It will take up to one hour after you unlock the HMS account for your O2 processes to regain access permission to your data.


O2 is a platform for Linux-based high performance computing at Harvard Medical School. The name is derived from being the next generation of the HMS "Orchestra" cluster, hence "O"2.

Getting Started with O2 and Slurm

O2 Portal

  • Access to O2 via a web browser; powered by Open OnDemand

  • Simplify transfer to/from O2 and the interaction of popular tools/applications

O2 Jobs and the Slurm scheduler

Software and Programming on O2

General UNIX Information

Data Storage

Cluster Status


Our O2 Cluster Status has details of service outages and planned maintenance.

Community Events

User Training

  • Classes are offered each semester to the HMS community to help you ramp up your research skills!

  • Please check the User Training page for courses, dates, and registration

Office Hours

  • RC's Office Hours are held every Wednesday, 1 - 3 PM.

  • We encourage you to contact us first with a support request before joining Office Hours, please make sure to describe in detail your problems or questions so we can better help you!  Note: the RC team does not schedule meetings during Office Hours, however we are available to schedule meetings at any other time.

Intermediate Slurm


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