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Due to Aspera license limitations, users have to install the software under their home to user the software. 

Table of Contents

Start interactive job, and create working folder and load sratoolkit modue


Code Block
srun --pty -p interactive -t 0-12:0:0 --mem 2000MB -n 1 /bin/bash

mkdir /n/scratch3scratch/users/${USER:0:1}/${USER}/testDbGaP 

cd /n/scratch3scratch/users/${USER:0:1}/${USER}/testDbGaP

module load sratoolkit/2.10.7


Code Block
# Configure sratoolkit
vdb-config --interactive

# Directly press x key to quit

# By default, sratoolkit uses working diretory as cache. It is better to use scratch3scratch instead: 
echo /repository/user/main/public/root = \"/n/scratch3scratch/users/${USER:0:1}/${USER}/ncbi\" >> ~/.ncbi/user-settings.mkfg