Published Papers That Used O2, Orchestra, or Research Computing

This page is an incomplete list of published papers which harnessed the O2 cluster, the now-retired Orchestra cluster, and/or acknowledge members of the HMS RC group. We always encourage researchers to mention HMS RC staff and O2 in their acknowledgements as appropriate, or as co-authors for substantial contributions. We appreciate it if you could contact us about such papers, so we can list them below. For computational labs doing work on O2 (or previously on Orchestra), we're happy to link your publications page!

To cite O2 in your paper, please use text similar to the following, modified to reflect the work you used O2 for:

Portions of this research were conducted on the O2 High Performance Compute Cluster, supported by the Research Computing Group, at Harvard Medical School. See for more information.

If you received support from the Research Computing Consultant Group (RCCG) that contributed to your work, but is not substantial enough to warrant co-authorship, please use text similar to the following. You can optionally mention specific consultants:

We would like to thank the HMS Research Computing Consultant Group for their consulting services, which facilitated the computational analyses detailed in this paper.

Papers Citing Orchestra or O2

HMS RC staff as authors