How to request or retain an O2 account

You must have a sponsoring PI (or manager) to obtain an O2 account.

“On-Quad” Labs:

If your sponsoring PI has a primary or secondary faculty appointment in an HMS Blavatnik Institute Basic or Social Science (“Quad”) department, you can obtain an O2 account directly by filling out the O2 account request form, provided that you already have an HMS Account.

What if you don’t have an HMS Account:

If you do not have a Harvard ID, your PI will first need to register you as a person of interest as described in

Once you have an active Harvard ID, your PI will need to request an HMS guest account as described in


“Off-Quad” (affiliate hospital/institution) Labs:

Researchers from labs whose PIs do not have a primary or secondary faculty appointment in an HMS Blavatnik Institute Basic or Social Science Department will be charged for use of HMS High-Performance Computing and storage resources.  Most affiliate hospital faculty have appointments like 'HMS Professor of Surgery' but those labs will still be charged. For information about the RC Core and charges please visit our website at .

Steps to get setup with an O2 account:

  • First, you need to register via the RC Core PPMS instance at If you need an HMS ID, the RC Core will assist with this process. Follow these detailed instructions on how to create your account with the PPMS system

  • If you are not a student or faculty at Harvard, the RC Core will need to complete Harvard POI process as described in our POI policy. We might need to ask you for additional information to complete this process.

  • After your PPMS account is created you will need to attest to all RC Core policies.

  • Before we can setup your O2 account, your lab must have a purchase order set up for the group.

  • The PI from your lab must also be registered in PPMS and attest to all RC Core polices. Note that adding a new lab/PI and setting up financially to pay with a PO can take time.

After we have completed the setup process and you have completed all steps, the RC Core will coordinate the creation of your O2 account.


Note that if you are not a PI, you will need a PI (or Core administrator or equivalent) to sponsor and approve your O2 account. 


How to retain your O2 account when leaving HMS

If you are an HMS user and you are leaving HMS but wish to keep you access to O2 and HMS Storage please check this link.