Currently Available Software on O2

A list of currently available modules globally available (after a bit of massaging) is presented below for your convenience. The listing is generated with module -t spider; feel free to run this yourself if you'd prefer to navigate with grep instead of CTRL/CMD+F (you'll need to use --redirect if you want to parse in the terminal; see the below block title for the exact command used).

For more information about a specific module, type module spider SPECIFICMODULE (substituted from the list) to get more output.

As a reminder, if you'd like to search for software by type, module keyword is available (for example, try typing module keyword seq and see what shows up). We try to make the keywords for modules appropriate, but when in doubt, consult the full list.

If there is an application and/or version that you would like but don't see on this list, feel free to submit a ticket with us (either via the website or by emailing Keep in mind that you can also install software yourself under most circumstances, so if you'd prefer not to wait for us to get back to you, you can give it a try yourself. We provide generic instructions and suggestions at Local Software Installs, and we can assist you as well.


This list is generated by running `module -t --redirect spider | grep -v /$`