O2 Account Request Process for OffQuad Labs

Registration Instructions

Please use your HMS ID if you have one. Your HMS ID is not your Harvard ID. The HMS ID is generally two or three letters, followed by 1 to 4 numbers, like abc123.
If you need to check your HMS ID password or reset it, visit this website.

  1. Visit HMS PPMS RC Core system

  2. Next, choose one of the following options:

    1.  You already have HMS ID credentials, (you will be asked to enter login with your HMS ID)

    2.  You do NOT have any HMS ID credentials (the HMS PPMS team will provide you one if needed after registration)

  3. The following additional information will be requested:

    1. Institutional (work) email address

    2. Harvard University ID (HUID) number if you have one

  4. Selecting a group affiliation: 

    1. If your lab group is already registered in the HMS Core Billing system (PPMS), it will appear as an option in the “Select a group” dropdown 

    2. If your lab group is not in the system, click on “My group is NOT in the list” to enter information about your lab group. 

  5. New group information that will be requested, if needed, will include: 

    1. Lab head name and contact information 

    2. Lab group administrative/financial information 

Next Steps after you register

For Primary Investigator (PI) or Lab Heads

Roughly 2 weeks after your initial PPMS registration, PI/lab heads will receive a link in PPMS where they will be required to review and acknowledge their responsibilities for the RC Core users in their group. At that time we will ask you to provide information about the members of your lab who will use Research Computing services. Once lab heads have registered and have identified the members of their lab group who will use RC Core services, the lab members will receive their own invitations to register for PPMS.

Lab Members

After a lab member registers in PPMS, it will take up to 5 business days for RC Core to set up an account in our PPMS system and additional 2 days to request an HMS ID.


Work with more than one lab or group

If your work requires that your account have access to multiple labs or groups in PPMS, please let us know by emailing us at rccore@hms.harvard.edu. We will update your account so it is correctly mapped to all required groups.